"Machine Learning is 99% Manual Labor"
It can be different.

Accelerate the process of building machine learning models.

Our platform lets data scientists obtain training data quickly, efficiently and at scale.

Our web-based tools for annotating videos, images, and text can be used on our platform with crowdsource workers, or on-prem with your own in-house experts.

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New: Bounding Box Annotations on Videos

Tracking With Consistent IDs

Keep tracking consistent object IDs for the duration of the video.

Annotating With Temporal Features

Is that car signaling for a turn? Is that person sitting down or standing up? These questions can be easily answered in videos.

Better annotation quality

Annotating on videos reduces errors caused by annotating sequential frames as independent images.

More training data

Annotating on video produces 15-30x more training data than annotating on images.

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